Animal Control


The City of Troy animal control officer is charged with the responsibility of responding to calls for service ranging from stray animals to investigations of cruelty to animals. The officer may bring the animal to a temporary kennel or animal shelter where the animals are held for a certain time before being returned to their owners, turned over to Madison County, or released back into the wild.

Animal control is also responsible for investigating incidents of human contact with both wild and domestic animals, such as bites. They may work with the Madison County Animal Control or other state agencies in the facilitation of animal related issues.

Animal Complaints

If you have an immediate animal complaint, contact the Troy Police Department at 618-667-6731. For additional animal control inquiries, contact Community Service Officer Chris Coyne at 618-667-8734 ext. 555.

Operation FIDO

Operation FIDO is a voluntary program which helps our local Community Service Officer reunite found animals with their owners.  It provides emergency contact and pet information facilitating the return of your pet.  If you would like to participate in Operation FIDO, complete and submit the necessary registration form.  

Operation FIDO Registration Form

Operation FIDO Registration Form Printable