Crime Alert Program

CAP - Crime Alert Program

The Troy Police Department would like to partner with your business through the Crime Alert Program (CAP). CAP is designed to provide your business with the real time pertinent information which would include any major ongoing criminal activity in our immediate area, current criminal trends, general information, and up-to-date training. Our intent is to maintain a close working relationship with the businesses and to better provide our community with a safe working environment. As a participating member of CAP, you will receive immediate e-mail notifications from the Troy Police Department of any major crimes in progress such as, but not limited to, bank robberies, active shooter, manhunts, counterfeit money, etc. that are taking place either in or around our community.

The Troy Police Department CAP will also provide your business with up-to-date training for your employees and management in current crime trends which may directly affect your business, such as how to detective counterfeit money, how to detect a skimming device, what to do in the event of an armed robbery or active shooter, etc.

Joining the CAP program is a free service. Simply complete or update the Business Contact Information Form and return it to the Troy Police Department or email it to:

If you have any questions, please contact Detective Tony Luther via email or Sergeant Ryan Meier via email or call 618-667-6731.

Download your CAP Introduction Letter and Business Contact Form below: 

CAP Intro Letter (PDF) 

Business Contact Form (PDF)