Comprehensive Plan

Purposes of the Troy Comprehensive Plan

The primary purposes of the Troy Comprehensive Plan are:

  • To profile the existing community and the market area
  • To identify issues that require municipal attention and opportunities that may be capitalized upon
  • To develop goals, objectives, and policies for the betterment of the community, and to provide programs to help achieve these ends
  • To present an implementation strategy for the comprehensive plan
  • To establish a working guide which can assist the city in making decisions regarding expenditures and development issues
  • To serve as an advisory and educational document that provides both the public and private sectors a clear understanding of the goals and objectives that the city wishes to achieve, and how it intends to achieve them. As such, the plan should serve as a guide to public sector capital investments and private sector development decisions.

The Comprehensive Plan for Troy

Comprehensive planning in Troy is a relatively recent phenomenon. The first such effort was initiated in 1993 and culminated in the city's Growth Management Plan. This document was subsequently revised in 1999, 2004 and 2005. The Growth Management Plan can now be seen as an initial effort in creating a guide for "planning" for the city, and the city now takes the step of creating a true Comprehensive Plan.

The decision to prepare a new comprehensive plan is timely. As Troy continues its evolution from small town to growing center of population and economic activity, and as it continues to become increasingly suburbanized, the city must more formally identify the goals and objectives it wishes to achieve, the policies and programs it desires to put into practice to achieve these goals and objectives, and the implementation steps it will follow to do so.

This Comprehensive Plan, then, represents the next step in preparing a guide for Troy's future. This document will serve as a statement of municipal intent and policy for the guidance of future growth and development within the city and its extra-territorial planning jurisdiction. The Comprehensive Plan will also be a source of guidance in the decisions made by the community's citizens, the City Council, the Planning Commission, other elected and appointed municipal officials and those outside the city as well. Moreover, citizens, developers and land owners will benefit from a clearer understanding of the goals and objectives that the city wishes to achieve, and how it will achieve them.